Accessories - Suction & Discharge Connections

A wide range of suction and discharge attachments and accessories are available to work with the SupaVac Solids Pumps range, we can supply fully integrated turn key solutions which are simple to set up and easy to use with a single operator.


SupaVac manufactures a complete range of pick-up nozzles that can both assist and enhance the collection performance of SupaVac Solids Pumps.

Lightweight and manufactured in 304 stainless steel as standard, nozzles are designed to be simple to connect and easy to use.

SV PickupNozzles


SupaVac manufacture a range of snore boxes and strainers in a variety of sizes to prevent blockages when pumping with a submerged suction line.

The snore box is a simple means of capturing as much material as possible, whilst excluding oversize particles and ensuring the pumps keep transferring at maximum capacity.

Snore boxes are available for 75mm and 100mm suction lines and feature a simple Camlock connection.



SupaVac floor attachments are designed to maintain the high vacuum and excellent airflows supplied via SupaVac Solids Pumps when cleaning liquids from smooth surfaces. Manufactured in 304 stainless steel and robust in construction, the Hoover Heads maximise the suction area in contact with surface, ensuring the rapid capture of liquids on the deck or rig floor.

These units are ideal for the rapid recovery of spills of oil based mud or similar material.
Units are available to suit 50mm, 75mm and 100mm suction lines.



SupaVac “Boosta” and Air Assist Nozzles were designed primarily to boost both pick up and in line convey velocities. The air enters the nozzle via either an anular eductor or Air Assist jet which whilst creating its own vacuum, accelerates the product and aerates the material as it passes down the tube into the convey line.

Variations are available or individual Eductor Nozzles can be developed for both task and material. All nozzles are manufactured in 304 stainless steel unless otherwise specified. Both versions are available with either valve, remote or trigger actuation.

The “Boosta” allows for the accelerated recovery of extremely viscous products along with dryer material such as powders, fibres, grains and sand etc.

SupaVac also manufacture both the “Boosta” and Air Assist attachments for direct coupling in-line. This can significantly increase both vertical lift and discharge capabilities of all SupaVac Solids Pumps.

Boosta and Air Assist Nozzles


SupaVac manufacture a complete range of gravity drop boxes “Dead Heads” in both tubular and rectangular arrangement. Designed to be either slung or hard piped and solid mounted, SupaVac “Dead Heads” are a versatile and convenient way to deliver your recovered product exactly where you want it. With product delivered at pace, the “Dead Head” is designed to absorb the shock and then let gravity take its course.

Manufactured in either painted mild steel, galvanised steel or 304/316 stainless steel if required, the unit’s come with either Camlok, threaded shouldered or grooved victaulic fittings. Installed correctly, the exit area is designed to deliver 100% of the product to an area, skip or moving conveyor belt no wider than 800mm.

Supavac Deadhead


The SupaVac SV800 Cuttings Carousel is designed to enable the controlled discharge of cuttings delivered from SV Solids Pumps to a skip or confined location.

The Cuttings Carousel can rotate through 360 degrees which in turn allows for the filling of multiple skips depending on the available space. These units are adjustable for height, length, angle and box size to suit the requirements of operators.


SupaVac can supply a range of suction, discharge and air supply hoses and associated fittings to operate the full range of SV Solids Pumps in a wide range of applications. Hoses and fittings can be supplied individually or fully assembled with pump units.

Suction and Discharge Hoses

What is SupaVac?

SupaVac is the global market leader in air operated ultra tough vacuum pumping units capable of transferring any flowable material across a wide range of mining, oil & gas, FPSO & tanker tank cleaning, agricultural, industrial and municipal applications. Pumping the un-pumpable!

The SupaVac range of Slurry Management Systems and vacuum pumps offers an efficient and economical solution to most pumping challenges.


Since 1993 the patented SupaVac product range has been designed & manufactured in Australia and demanded globally across a wide range of industries with proven performance in the most challenging applications.

The SupaVac patented product range is owned and manufactured by precision engineering company Poche Engineering, with 80+years of manufacturing experience and part of the larger engineering group, Fluid Power Engineering Solutions Pty Ltd.

Global Distribution & Support

With 25 years experience SupaVac is the Industry Leader & Globally recognised Solution for transferring difficult to pump materials. SupaVac has been distributed to all corners of the globe, as the vacuum pump of choice in handling tough pumping applications.

Over the years SupaVac has proven continued credibility in performance and quality, therefore developed strong relationships with partners across the globe to service & support customers locally.

Need help with a challenging pumping application?

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