SupaVac can pump almost any flowable material, the broad range of applications this product range has been used for will surprise you

Marine Boating


  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power Stations
  • Food & Beverages
  • Chemical Processing
  • Agriculture & Farming
  • Nursery
  • Municipal
  • Waste
  • Civil & Tunnelling
  • Construction
  • Petrochemical
  • Transport
  • Shipping & Boating

SupaVac Solids Pumps are capable of pumping any flowable material including liquids, liquors, slurries, mud, slimes, sand, gravel, powders and any more. Where other pumps cannot operate, SupaVac Solids Pumps provide a simple, safe and versatile solution.

SupaVac Pumps have been utilised all over the world to provide effective solutions for a wide range of product transfer problems, environmental spillage control, hazardous environments and many other applications

Reducing OH&S risks as they are simple to operate, air operated with no moving parts & many models handled by one operator. The powerful vacuum reach means pumping from dangerous or confined spaces is made possible, while minimising risk.


  • Coal and other mining slurries
  • Longwall slurry control
  • Thickener de-sludge
  • Sump, shaft and pipeline cleaning
  • Tank and drain cleaning
  • Petrochemical tank cleaning
  • Tailings transfer, dewatering
  • Power station ash pond cleaning
  • Rapid spillage recovery
  • Oil spill capture and transfer
  • Hazardous waste recovery & transfer
  • Drilling cuttings
  • OBM transfer and pit cleaning
  • Agricultural product and waste
  • Dam desilting, mud
  • Bentonite, sand and cement powders transfer
  • Effluent and processing waste
  • Pulp and paper mill waste
  • Tunnelling TBMS and continuous mining
  • Pneumatic excavation
  • Barge, ballast tank and ship cleaning
  • Wash plant and under belt cleaning
  • Bulk transfer load and unload

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What is SupaVac?

SupaVac is the global market leader in air operated ultra tough vacuum pumping units capable of transferring any flowable material across a wide range of mining, oil & gas, FPSO & tanker tank cleaning, agricultural, industrial and municipal applications. Pumping the un-pumpable!

The SupaVac range of Slurry Management Systems and vacuum pumps offers an efficient and economical solution to most pumping challenges.


Since 1993 the patented SupaVac product range has been designed & manufactured in Australia and demanded globally across a wide range of industries with proven performance in the most challenging applications.

The SupaVac patented product range is owned and manufactured by precision engineering company Poche Engineering, with 80+years of manufacturing experience and part of the larger engineering group, Fluid Power Engineering Solutions Pty Ltd.

Global Distribution & Support

With 25 years experience SupaVac is the Industry Leader & Globally recognised Solution for transferring difficult to pump materials. SupaVac has been distributed to all corners of the globe, as the vacuum pump of choice in handling tough pumping applications.

Over the years SupaVac has proven continued credibility in performance and quality, therefore developed strong relationships with partners across the globe to service & support customers locally.

Need help with a challenging pumping application?

Get in touch with our experienced SupaVac team who can help guide you through the SupaVac product range to select the most efficient & cost effective product for your pumping application.