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Guide for selecting the best SupaVac model

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Typical Compressor Sizing Considerations

  • SupaVac Pumps generally require a minimum of 85PSI (6 Bar) at the pump, for optimum Vacuum performance the pressure at pump should be 100PSI (7 Bar).
  • The maximum pressure at the pump is 114PSI (8 Bar) for SV60, SV110, SV250, SV280 and 105PSI (7.2 Bar) for SV400

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SupaVac Pumps Compressor

Daily Service time is 5 mins

  • Check pump is undamaged; cover and all safety clips are in position
  • Ensure the suction check valve is serviceable. Check by removing the suction hose and checking the valve can operate freely and there is no foreign matter obstructing the valve

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SupaVac Daily Service

Safety First Considerations

  • Isolate, tag out and disconnect the air supply to the unit prior to working on any part of the system.
  • Lift the equipment only at the certified lifting points detailed in this manual. Use properly rated lifting equipment capable of handling the equipment weight

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Service Maintenance Contracts

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SupaVac Service Maintenance Contracts

Understanding Pure Vacuum Pumping & Pneumatic Conveying Modes of the SupaVac

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SupaVac Pumps Compressor

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What is SupaVac?

SupaVac is the global market leader in air operated ultra tough vacuum pumping units capable of transferring any flowable material across a wide range of mining, oil & gas, FPSO & tanker tank cleaning, agricultural, industrial and municipal applications. Pumping the un-pumpable!

The SupaVac range of Slurry Management Systems and vacuum pumps offers an efficient and economical solution to most pumping challenges.


Since 1993 the patented SupaVac product range has been designed & manufactured in Australia and demanded globally across a wide range of industries with proven performance in the most challenging applications.

The SupaVac patented product range is owned and manufactured by precision engineering company Poche Engineering, with 80+years of manufacturing experience and part of the larger engineering group, Fluid Power Engineering Solutions Pty Ltd.

Global Distribution & Support

With 25 years experience SupaVac is the Industry Leader & Globally recognised Solution for transferring difficult to pump materials. SupaVac has been distributed to all corners of the globe, as the vacuum pump of choice in handling tough pumping applications.

Over the years SupaVac has proven continued credibility in performance and quality, therefore developed strong relationships with partners across the globe to service & support customers locally.

Need help with a challenging pumping application?

Get in touch with our experienced SupaVac team who can help guide you through the SupaVac product range to select the most efficient & cost effective product for your pumping application.