Product Range

SV1000 Heavy Duty Solids Pump

The SV1000-V High Volume Solids Pump is a high velocity, heavy duty solids pump, capable of capturing high density slurries via a strong 25” Hg vacuum combined with high velocity

NEW SV30 - Portable Solids Pump

The SV30 Portable Solids Pump is a one person vacuum loading, pressure discharge pump capable of recovering and transferring almost any flowable sludge or slurry. The SV30 Portable

SV60 Guzzla Portable Slurry Pump

SV60 Portable Slurry Pump

Our SV60 Guzzla Portable Slurry Pump is designed to offer the operator a one man vacuum recovery, pressure discharge unit that can recover and transfer almost any flowable material.The

SV60V Portable Slurry Pump

The SV60-V Guzzla Portable Solids Pump is a one man vacuum loading, pressure discharge pump capable of recovering and transferring up to 10m3/hr @SG1.0(44USGPM) of almost any flowable

SV110-V Slurry & Solids Pump

The SV110-V Slurry/Solid Pump delivers over 25”Hg of vacuum whilst generating high inline convey velocities. The unit requires only 280CFM at 85psi to 100psi and can transfer heavy

SV250-V Mining Slimes System

The SV250-V Mobile Sludge Pump is designed to transfer an extremely wide array of heavy sludges via 100mm suction and discharge lines.The SV250-V has the ability to operate with various


The SV280-V Heavy Duty Solids Pump is a high velocity, heavy duty solids pump, capable of capturing high density slurries via a strong 25”Hg vacuum combined with high velocity

NEW SV510 Heavy Duty Solids Pump

Introducing the NEW SV510 Heavy Duty Solids Pump designed to transfer up to 45m3/hour @SG1.0(198USGPM) of semi viscous muds and various materials via vacuum load or top load gravity


The SV E-Vac In Line Vacuum Pump is designed as an in line system allowing the conversion of a standard pipeline into a fixed vacuum system.The SV E-Vac can be fitted to a range of pipes

Accessories - Suction & Discharge Connections

A wide range of suction and discharge attachments and accessories are available to work with the SupaVac Solids Pumps range, we can supply fully integrated turn key solutions which are

Rental Pumps

To provide flexibility for our customers and various application requirements, we are able to offer Supavac pumps for temporary install solutions. We are also able to provide

What is Supavac?

SupaVac is the global market leader in air operated Ultra Tough vacuum pumping units capable of transferring any flowable material across a wide range of agricultural, industrial, municipal, mining and oil & gas applications. Pumping the Un-pumpable.

The SupaVac range of Slurry Management Systems and Vacuum pumps offers an efficient and economical solution to most pumping challenges.


Since 1993 the patented SupaVac product range has been designed & manufactured in Australia and demanded globally across a wide range of industries with proven performance in the most challenging applications.

The SupaVac patented product range is owned and manufactured by precision engineering company Poche Engineering, with 80+years of manufacturing experience and part of the larger engineering group, Fluid Power Engineering Solutions Pty Ltd.

Global Distribution & Support

With 25 years experience SupaVac is the Industry Leader & Globally recognised Solution for transferring difficult to pump materials. SupaVac has been distributed to all corners of the globe, as the vacuum pump of choice in handling tough pumping applications.

Over the years SupaVac has proven continued credibility in performance and quality, therefore developed strong relationships with partners across the globe to service & support customers locally.

Need help with a challenging pumping application?

Get in touch with our experienced SupaVac team who can help guide you through the SupaVac product range to select the most efficient & cost effective product for your pumping application.