SupaVac FAQs

Pneumatic Conveying is a method of handling materials by utilising high velocity air flow with a pipeline.  This requires sufficient air velocity to pass the material being picked up to capture it and convey it through the vacuum tube to the machine.

The air velocity is kept up by not fully submersing the nozzle or by allowing air to the pick-up point via a snorkel tube attached to the nozzle.

The advantages of this technique are:

  • Suction lifts of up to 25 metres (82 feet+) can be achieved
  • Materials can be lioquid or dry
  • Particle sizes of up to 70% of the suction hose diameter can be conveyed
  • Horizontal suction distances in excess of 60 metres (197 feet) can be achieved
  • Fibrous, waxy and heavy sludge can be handled
  • Powders and solids can be handled as well as wet materials

Why is my SupaVac pump not working?

SupaVac pumps are designed and built with no moving wetted parts.  They are rugged in design and quality in build, however, as with all pneumatic systems, SupaVac is at the mercy of air quality.  Poor air quality can and will negatively affect the pneumatic control function and can lead to blockages or corrosion.  SupaVac pumps are supplied with an on-board filter regulator to assist in combatting this issue.

Please refer to our SV Training Aid V10119

Can SupaVac pump slurries & sludges?

SV Solids Pumps are capable of pumping any flowable material including liquids slurries, mud, slimes, sand, gravels, powders and many more. Where other pumps cannot operate, SupaVac SV solids, slimes & slurry pumps provide a simple, safe and versatile solution.

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Can SupaVac pumps be used offshore?

SupaVac SV pumps are 100% air operated and rated to ATEX Zone I or Zone II, depending on the model.  SupaVac has a long and illustrious history in the offshore market and we’ve been pioneers in OBM, WBM, drill cuttings and mud management applications for thirty years.

Are SupaVac solids pumps pneumatic or electric?

SupaVac SV pumps are 100% air operated.  They can be used either with plant air or indeed with a portable or mobile compressor.

Depending on the SupaVac model in question, SupaVac units will require between 80cfm and 600cfm of air supply and a minimum of 85 psi at the pump.  Air quality should be monitored to avoid blockages and corrosion in the pneumatic control system.

Are SupaVac slurry pumps or sludge pumps expensive?

SupaVac SV pumps are built to last and have an unsurpassed reputation for quality and longevity.  We see pumps coming in for service which have been in the field for ten years or more.

SupaVac is not built to a price, unlike many of our competitors, and one must consider ‘total cost of ownership’ when comparing a Supavac.

We have invested heavily in product R&D and engineering and testing and can confidently say that you won’t be disappointed with your SupaVac purchase.  After all, “the bitter taste of poor quality long outlives the joy of a cheap purchase”.

Is a SupaVac pump more efficient than a diaphragm pump?

Supavac solids, slurry or mud pumps are not necessarily designed to be used in applications which are suitable for diaphragm pumps.  SupaVac becomes the go-to pump unit when diaphragm pumps fail or cannot move the media any longer.

Diaphragm pumps will clog and fail just as SupaVac slurry pumps are getting started.  SupaVac SV pumps transcend conventional pump techniques by pneumatically conveying materials.

Yes.  We have SV60SV60-VSV110-VSV250-V, and SV280 units ready for hire in Australia.  We also have a trailer mount solution which boasts a SV60-V and on-board compressor, as well as hoses and accessories. We also have rental units available in Houston, Texas in the shape of SV60, SV110, SV250-V and SV280s.  International clients can also reach out to local distribution partners and utilize local stock options.

How much air does a SupaVac sludge or slurry pump use?

Depending on the model of SupaVac, our pumps will use between 80cfm and 600cfm.  Clients should understand the correlation between air consumption and material transfer rate when selecting a SupaVac model.

We have several models of SupaVac ranging from SV30 through to SV1000, which have been designed with specific markets and applications in mind.

Please refer to our product brochure SupaVac Product Catalogue 2020.

Where can I buy a SupaVac sludge pump?

SupaVac firmly believe in ‘growth through distribution’.  We have long-standing and valued relationships with partners in Europe, LATAM, Malaysia, Australia, NZ, China, the African continent, USA and Canada.

Please reach out to us or visit the contact us page to find out more.

What is SupaVac?

SupaVac is the global market leader in air operated ultra tough vacuum pumping units capable of transferring any flowable material across a wide range of mining, oil & gas, FPSO & tanker tank cleaning, agricultural, industrial and municipal applications. Pumping the un-pumpable!

The SupaVac range of Slurry Management Systems and vacuum pumps offers an efficient and economical solution to most pumping challenges.


Since 1993 the patented SupaVac product range has been designed & manufactured in Australia and demanded globally across a wide range of industries with proven performance in the most challenging applications.

The SupaVac patented product range is owned and manufactured by precision engineering company Poche Engineering, with 80+years of manufacturing experience and part of the larger engineering group, Fluid Power Engineering Solutions Pty Ltd.

Global Distribution & Support

With 25 years experience SupaVac is the Industry Leader & Globally recognised Solution for transferring difficult to pump materials. SupaVac has been distributed to all corners of the globe, as the vacuum pump of choice in handling tough pumping applications.

Over the years SupaVac has proven continued credibility in performance and quality, therefore developed strong relationships with partners across the globe to service & support customers locally.

Need help with a challenging pumping application?

Get in touch with our experienced SupaVac team who can help guide you through the SupaVac product range to select the most efficient & cost effective product for your pumping application.